Windows 2008 Server Support Extended

Microsoft has announced that it will be extending the support lifecycle for Windows 2008 Server. The extension was triggered by a company policy that states the outgoing product support i.e. Windows 2008 Server, will be extended if the follow-up product release is delayed, i.e. Windows 2012 Server. Microsoft states, “The Microsoft policy provides a minimum of five years of Mainstream Support or two years of Mainstream Support after the successor product ships, whichever is longer.” This means mainstream support continues until January 2015 with extended support until January 2020. In mainstream support, Microsoft offers security patches, general fixes and feature updates free of charge. During extended support, which runs five years beyond mainstream support, it offers free security updates only. For more detail on this news or advice on the benefits of Windows 2012 Server for SME’s over Windows 2008 Server please contact our team.

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