TSS enters the Telecoms market

The IT and Telecoms industries continue to converge and there are significant benefits available to organisations willing to investigate how technology can enhance their performance and more importantly save them money. Historically we have put our phone calls across analogue lines and ISDN lines which are expensive. Nowadays voice traffic can be routed across any reliable internet line including broadband, EFM and leased lines. TSS will go to market and advise our clients on to how to take advantage of this technology. We will supply, install and support the telecoms infrastructure allowing our clients to gain these competitive advantages. We have teamed up with all the leading telecoms players including BT, Cable and Wireless, Talk Talk and Virgin with the aim of providing better value solutions for our SME client base. Typically, we are able to save our clients 25-30% on their current telecom costs. Our product range includes analogue and ISDN lines, SIP trunks, broadband and fibre broadband, EFM and Leased Lines. If you are interested in learning how to save money on your telecoms bills then please get in touch

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