TSS design and implement VSphere solution for Park High School…

Park High School has employed TSS to design and implement a VMWare VSphere solution at their campus in Stanmore. Park High School, which has just achieved Academy status, educates 1800 pupils and is a Technology College which is renowned for its excellent provision of education in ICT.

With 1800 pupils reliant upon the ICT systems, Park High wanted a reliable and resilient core infrastructure that would eliminate system downtime whilst being mindful their ICT budget. TSS designed the solution which consisted of two HP BLc3000 Blade Centres, two HP StorageWorks SAN’s, a Brocade SAN switch, all complemented with the VMWare VSphere 5.0 software.

This solution provides resilience at every level – hardware, operating system, application, data – meaning that a fault on any one of these elements will be seamlessly resolved without any interruption to service. Furthermore, the VSpehere virtualisation solution enables multiple virtual servers to reside on each physical Blade server which has resulted in a significant cost saving in server hardware investment.

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