Windows 2012 Server – the perfect IT solution for SME’s

Hand picking CloudMicrosoft is taking the battle to VMWare with its new Windows 2012 Server operating system. Microsoft has seen the rise in cloud computing and the trend in mobility and wants a larger slice of the market. Windows 2012 Server is designed specifically to work in a private, public or hybrid cloud environment which suits small and big organisations alike. This is great news for SME’s who have until now been unable to invest in serious cloud solutions. With standard cloud functionality in Windows 2012 Server there is every reason for SME’s to get into the virtualisation and cloud space. Windows 2012 Server will benefit from high availability and clustering for redundancy purposes as well as network virtualisation. It also has inbuilt storage management with deduplication potentially reducing storage requirements by 50%. All of this is great news for SME’s as it will result in lower investment in data storage units.

TSS has for some time been extolling the virtues of cloud and virtualisation technology and now it seems Microsoft are looking to sell it to the masses. This technology has massive advantages particularly in the ability to reduce infrastructure costs, improve uptime and provide disaster recovery solutions. Windows 2012 Server is now offering all this technology as standard so its time to get involved.

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