Park High School

Park High School is a leading edge school and technology college based in Stanmore. There are up to 2000 students aged between 11-18 years old in education at any one time.

The modern workplace is wholly reliant on ICT and its imperative that students are given the opportunity to learn the skills to take them forward in life. Park High School provides key ICT skills to all students both at secondary and sixth form level. Skills range from core user skills to in depth software and network structure knowledge.

Providing large scale ICT education to 2000 students requires a robust and reliable IT core infrastructure. Park High knew they needed to bring in the expertise to design and implement such a solution.

David Crawley, ICT Manager, explains “our systems were out-dated and we needed to design a new network with high availability. TSS were recommended to us by another school and they successfully won the tender for the project”.

TSS immediately understood the Park High requirement and also the financial pressures that schools work within. We worked closely with the Park High management team to ensure the correct
solution could be delivered at the right price and within the required timeframe.

TSS promoted a VMWare VSphere solution in order to provide a fault tolerant core infrastructure with high availability. The solution was based on two HP c3000 Blade Centres and two HP SAN’s with
Brocade fibre switches. The planning and design phase took several months with a successful implementation through the summer holidays.

David Crawley continues, “there is always an element of fear with such a major installation. However, TSS were brilliant, they planned everything so that the entire project was as smooth and painless as possible.”

TSS are meticulous about the planning and design phase as this is key to any project. If these elements are implemented correctly the installation phase becomes a lot easier which benefits both TSS and the client.

The Park High project was extremely successful with zero disruption to school services. The VMWare VSphere infrastructure is running well and providing the core systems allowing thousands of
students to be educated.

David Crawley, concludes, “TSS were excellent from start to finish. They understood what we needed, and the budget and timescale we had to work within. They put together a sensible proposal and delivered it on time and on budget.”

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