VDA UK Ltd is a leading provider of inroom management and entertainment systems for hotels and residential properties. Their systems are present in the largest hotel chains in the world as well as niche, upmarket hotels, residences and yachts.

VDA UK needed an IT partner that could design and support their network as a start-up but which was capable of growing and evolving with them. From these early beginnings VDA UK has grown to become
a global player in their market space with clients in every continent and staff travelling around the world.

Howard Lewis, MD, states, “TSS impressed me with the way they bought into our business vision and were forthcoming with ideas for our network which would facilitate our growth.”

TSS understands that IT support is only half the solution. The other half is the proactive involvement in client business strategy. This is the real value add that TSS bring to the table over and above the competition.

Howard Lewis concurs, “There are many companies that offer IT support but a small business needs more than just someone at the end of a phone resolving computer problems.”

TSS has constantly advised VDA on the direction their network should take. As a start-up there was a Microsoft Small Business Server installed and supported by TSS. This has been replaced by three
Windows 2008 Servers providing a rock solid core infrastructure for the 30 users. Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server provides the email platform protected with Websense Cloud Email Security. All data
is backed up to the cloud using TSS CloudStore technology. There is also a StorageCraft ShadowProtect virtual image of all the servers. This ensures that in the event of a complete server crash that TSS can restore a fully operational server within a matter of minutes.

Howard Lewis says, “Virtualisation was a term I had heard of but I didn’t appreciate how it could benefit my business until TSS explained it clearly.”

It is always the aim of TSS to explain technological solutions in clear terms. We understand our clients aren’t necessarily interested in how things work but in how the solutions will benefit them either from a performance, security, reliability or cost point of view.

Howard Lewis summarises, “We have been with TSS for 10 years and long may it continue. Their IT support is great, their staff are friendly and I know they are focused on my business.”

For more information on VDA UK Limited visit www.vdauk.com

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