Hosted Desktop

The ultimate cloud experience is a hosted desktop solution. Your entire working environment is placed in the cloud including your desktop operating system.

No longer are you confined to your PC or laptop with its operating system to view and access files. With a hosted desktop you can access your files on any device, at anytime, anywhere. Whatsmore, the hosted desktop experience, because it uses Windows 7, has exactly the same look and feel as a normal PC or laptop.

The benefits of a hosted desktop include:

  • Flexibility: Access your applications and files from any device, at any time, from anywhere
  • Experience: Exactly the same look and feel as your normal desktop experience
  • Performance: Fast access speeds 24/7
  • Value:No hardware or software to purchase just fixed monthly payments
  • Support: IT support from our UK office included in the price
  • Green: Lower energy costs and reduced carbon footprint
  • Secure: Data encryption, replication and back up for 100% reliability

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