Private Cloud

A private cloud is an in-house core infrastructure solution that looks to provide similar benefits to a hosted cloud solution but without the perceived disadvantages. A hosted cloud infrastructure requires placing both your data and possibly client data in a third party datacentre which makes some people very uncomfortable and can also have compliance issues. Furthermore, a cloud solution puts you at the mercy of your internet connection – if you lose the connection you will lose your network. To overcome these objections you can implement a private cloud solution using the same technologies internally. This ensures all data remains in-house and is accessible via the local network rather than over an internet line.

TSS work with VMWare, Microsoft and Citrix providing private cloud infrastructure solutions for a range of clients including SME’s, schools and charities. We have the knowledge and experience to design and implement individual solutions that are reliable and scalable. We understand that every organisation is different in terms of working processes and financial firepower so we work with our clients to get the right solution at the right price.

Such solutions have previously been cost prohibitive for many organisations but as the technology matures the costs have decreased. A private cloud solution is based on virtualisation technology and the entry level virtualisation solutions are free of charge. There are also small business versions of the private cloud technology which make it accessible at extremely good value prices. So regardless of your size and budget get in touch to see if you can take advantage of the benefits associated with a private cloud solution.

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