The TSS mantra is that we will optimise your network for performance, security, reliability, functionality and total cost of ownership. Our independent consultancy services are designed to achieve these objectives ensuring that you maximise the return on your IT investment and have a strategic roadmap forward on the evolution of your network.

Our obsession with strategy means we take the time to understand your organisation – where you’ve come from, the transition to your current position, and your objectives going forward. Building this picture allows us to make clear and rational recommendations on your network infrastructure whilst being mindful of your budget.

We have vast experience on networks of all shapes and sizes with all manner of different hardware and software solutions. We are on the cutting edge of new technology with an in-depth knowledge of cloud and virtualisation technology. This ensures that every conceivable solution is considered before we put forward any recommendations. Often we will include more than one option as there are always different paths forward.

We can undertake a full network review or focus on a certain element of your network. Possibly you have concerns over network speeds or security, or maybe you require consultancy developing a disaster recovery plan or performing a network audit. No matter what your individual situation and requirement you can guarantee TSS will provide a professional, comprehensive and independent consultancy service.

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